, Conn. May 15, 2006 State Senator Cathy Cook (R-Mystic) officially announced her candidacy for state comptroller at a press conference on May 15 in the State Capitol, Senate Republican Caucus Room. Senator Cook was joined by Governor M. Jodi Rell, Republican Senate Leader Lou DeLuca, State Senator John McKinney and other colleagues from the State Senate and State House of Representatives.

“Cathy Cook has been an advocate for the disabled and the military in southeastern Connecticut,” said State Senator John McKinney. “I’m very pleased that she will be the Republican candidate for Comptroller and I know she will do an excellent job for the citizens of Connecticut.”

Governor Rell shared her praise for Cathy Cook’s public service. “She cares,” said Governor Rell, who is delighted to that Senator Cook agreed when she asked her to join her underticket and run as Comptroller.

“This is the right time for me to bring my experience to the citizens of Connecticut in a new way. I have spent 14 years in the senate. I have learned the workings of Government and the nuances of the state budget,” Senator Cook said in her announcement. “I feel well prepared to take on the challenges asked of our state comptroller by the state constitution.”

Senator Cook is Chief Deputy Leader of the Senate and chair of the Program Review and Investigations Committee. She is the senior Republican on the Commerce Committee and additionally serves the Appropriations Committee, Environment Committee and Public Health Committees. She was the unanimous choice of her peers to be the Connecticut leader of the National Order of Women Legislators for 2004-05.

“An effective comptroller must be the state’s loudest advocate for fiscal responsibility. She must lead with proposals to improve the state’s monetary policy and she must have the ability to convince the legislative leaders to resist the temptation o tax and spend,” said Senator Cook. “I will be a comptroller who serves both the taxpayers and state employees.”

“We need a comptroller who is not only a fiscal watchdog,” said Cook. “We need a rotweiller who will grab onto the challenges of Connecticut’s fiscal health and never let go until the problems are solved.”

“I’m very pleased to be a member of Governor Rell’s “Team for Connecticut,” concluded Senator Cook. Cook pledged that she will not take campaign contributions from PACs, lobbyists and contractors to avoid any conflicts of interest as Comptroller. “This is the current law governing the state treasurer and I believe it should apply to the State Comptrollers Campaign as well,” noted Senator Cook.

Senator Cook will be nominated for State Comptroller by Congressman Rob Simmons at the State Republican Convention at Central Connecticut State University on May 20, 2006.