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Simmons Readies For More Battles;  
Congressman Upbeat After Election Defeat

Hartford Courant
By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief
December 11, 2006
WASHINGTON -- He sits on a wicker chair in a small, messy studio apartment. The Venetian blinds rattle and the smell of Mexican spices from the restaurant across the street flavors the air.

This is Rob Simmons' home for one more day.

Simmons still looks like a congressman, wearing a nicely fitting gray suit, his tie perfectly knotted as he relaxes in the wicker chair.

He still sounds like a congressman, in that frank, determined way he has of making his points. "I'm an optimist," he declares, his eyes staring straight into yours as he smiles.

And although the shabby apartment is a long way, in a sense, from his office in the opulent Cannon House Office Building, where the state's 2nd District Republican representative has worked for six years, Simmons seems not in the least disturbed by his pared-down circumstances.

In fact, he might be the most upbeat beaten candidate in Washington.

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